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Fitness Integrated Therapy (FIT) is a physical therapy, sports performance and fitness center combined.  We provide a variety of out-patient therapy services, sports performance training, CrossFit training and an extended hours fitness center.

The main goal of FIT is to integrate fitness and therapy as the means of providing Preventive Care®, a unique health model exclusive to FIT that address all 3 Levels of Prevention: Primary (enhancement), Secondary (maintenance) and Tertiary (impaired state) through Fitness, Wellness and Therapy services, respectively.  We follow the concept of Health Continuum in defining health (refer to diagram below).  The idea is that health is measured in different stages with the goal of moving towards the side of fitness by using the model of Preventive Care® in dealing with every stage of health.

In FIT, we believe that prevention is the key to healthy living.  By promoting and improving fitness after recovering from injury or other diseases or to simply maintain or even enhance physical performance, one can truly achieve optimum health throughout life.

  • Therapy

    We offer a variety of out-patient Physical and Occupational Therapy services and specialties under one roof provided by certified clinical specialists that are true experts and among the very best in the entire State of New Jersey.

  • Sports Performance

    Led by a team of Orthopedic Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists, our sports performance training help athletes of all ages and abilities gain the extra edge against their competition while helping them stay in the game by avoiding injuries.

  • CrossFit

    FIT is also home to Hyper CrossFit, an official CrossFit Affiliate that provides the popularly intense work out of this relatively new training program in a safe and injury-free setting guaranteed by our certified coaches and Physical Therapists working side by side to give you the best work out of your life.

  • Fitness Center

    We offer affordable membership to access our world class facility conveniently available from 4 AM to 12 midnight all year round. You can access our complete line of cardio and strength equipment along with the running tracks and turf and even our half court basketball for a fun game of one on one using keyless access control day and night.

  • Wellness

    We also provide a senior citizen maintenance program with the aim to promote healthy living for this age group designed only by Physical Therapists that includes proper medical screening that assures a safe way towards healthy lifestyle through group exercise.  Lastly, we have a developing program specifically for special needs children.  We have partnered with Burlington Township Middle and High School for our facility as an extension of their physical education classes.