Snatch complex
6 Rounds @ 2:00
3 Snatch grip Deadlift + 2 Hang snatch (Power or squat)+ 1 full snatch (power or squat)


Buy in:
4 min to get max Monkey Hang
1 G2OH+1S2OH (135/95)
9 Inverted Burpees
7 Neg
Push up
6 Assault Bike cals
Time Cap- 20:19

GINA’S WOD- This WOD is in memory of Regina Tedesco, Tony Tedesco’s sister. The monkey hang is in reflection to Regina’s fight over the years (fighting to hold on as long as possible). In honor of her fight, fight as long as possible to hang onto the bar. Athletes will be posting their max unbroken hold. The 4 min max hold represents the month of April. The 9 RFT represents the ninth day ( her birthday as well as her passing day). The rep scheme (1-9-7-6) represents the year she was born. The first letter of the 4 movements spell out “GINA”. The time cap is the year of her passing. AT 20 MIN EVERYONE STOPS WHERE THEY ARE AT AND THE 19 SECONDS WILL BE A MOMENT OF SILENCE IN HER MEMORY.

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