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Fitness Integrated Therapy is the reformatted expansion of its parent company Center for Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy that started on November 2005 as a small privately owned physical therapy clinic in Burlington Township, NJ by Lawrence Ramiscal.  On August 2007 the therapy gym was expanded and opened to the public as a separate membership fitness center when the facility was moved to Willingboro.  The idea was to integrate therapy and fitness together to promote prevention as key to healthy living.  On April 2012 CrossFit, the sport of fitness, was adapted by FIT to be the adult exercise program as an official Affiliate of CrossFit, Inc. by the name Hyper CrossFit.  In the same year, to expand the promotion of the concept of prevention to our senior citizens this time, FIT has developed and added a wellness program that is also in a group class format developed and lead by Physical Therapists.   On September 2013, FIT moved to its new 11,000 sf facility back in Burlington Township, to add Sports Performance to cater to our young local athletes.  Today we continue to develop other programs to serve the different needs of our community including special needs children through a partnership with the Burlington Middle and High School as an extension of their Physical Education facility and a future program to train athletes participating in Special Olympics.  These and other more programs are being developed by our team together with our existing services to promote health and fitness in our community.

In July of 2016, FIT was purchased by Specialized Physical Therapy.  As the new parent company, Specialized Physical Therapy, will continue on and grow the vision of FIT to serve Burlington Township and the surrounding communities.