WODs for 1/9-1/13



– 2×10 Tempo air squat 4:2:0
– 15yd Walking butt kicks
– 15yd Walking alternating quad stretch
– 2x15sec Front plank
– 2x20sec Frog stretch
– 15yd Walking side lunge
– 10 Hip Thrusts on bench
– Chest Stretch
– 10 Ring rows
– 10 PVC pass-throughs
– 10 PVC good morinings
– 10 Push-up plus’s


Back Squat
-1×10 @60%; 3×10 @75%

Power Clean+ Push Press (complex)
-1×5 @65%; 3×5 @75%

Clean Pull from below the knee
-3×5 @85%

Bench Press
-1×10 @65%; 3×10 @75%


8 min Time Cap
Perform 6 Rounds of:
– 12 KBS RX-(55/35), Scaled (35/20)
– 6 HSPU
In the remaining time,
– Row MAX Calories
*Score = Calories Rowed




– Burgner warm-up 5x each step
– Chest stretch
– Lat stretch
– PVC External rotation stretch
– Thoracic extension foam roll
– Quadruped “Y”
– Burgner warm-up 5x each step


Front Squat
-1×5 @65%; 1×5 @75%; 5×5 @85%

Snatch Grip Shrugs
-3×10 @85%

Hang Snatch from above the knee+Snatch* (complex)
-1×2 @60%; 1×2 @70%; 3×2 @80%
*lower slowly between reps


5 RFT:
– 10 Pull ups
– 4 Reverse Slam ball tosses RX (35/25), Scaled (30/20)




– 10 Air squats
– 15yd Alternating side lunge
– 15yd Sampson stretch
– Calf stretch
– 15yd Walking heel raise to tip-toe walk
– 15yd Walking quad stretch
– 15yd Walking high knee stretch
– 15yd Butt kick march
– 15yd High knee skip
– 15yd Inchworm w/ push-up into down dog
– 10 Air squats


18 min EMOM:
Min 1 -15x Ball Slams (30/20)
Min 2 – 50x Double unders -or- :45 seconds of practice
Min 3 – :30sec Plank


14 min AMRAP
– 30 Box jumps, Rx- (24/20), Scaled-(20/18)
– 30 Alternating DB Snatch Rx-(55/35), Scaled-(45/25)
– 30 Ring dips
– 30 K2E
– 30 Deadlifts, Rx-(115/80), Scaled-(80/55)
– 30 Ring rows
– 30 Wall balls, Rx-(20/14) Scaled-(16/12)
– 30 DU, Scaled 90 SU




– 2 Rounds of Cindy
– 2x15sec Pallof Press hold
– Sampson stretch w/ lean & twist
– 20sec Front plank
– Pigeon stretch
– “Josh” stretch
– Clamshell 2×10
– Shoulder stretch on rig
– Lat stretch on rig
– Calf stretch


Back Squat
-1×5 @65%; 1×5 @75%; 3×5 @85%

Jerk Dips
-2×5 @90%

-1×3 @60%; 4×3 @70%


Core work
2 Rounds:
– 40 Abmat sit ups
– 30 Slam ball Russian twists RX-(25, 20) Scaled (20, 15)
– 20 V-ups
– 10 T2B




– 10 Leg swings each way
– 15yd Walking quad stretch
– 15yd Walking high knee pull
– 15yd Altnerating side lunge
– 15yd Inch worm to down dog w/ calf stretch
– 10 Hip hinges
– 10 Glute-ham bridges
– Quad “Y” stretch


Snatch Pull from knee
-3×5 @85%

-1×3 @60%; 1×3 @70%; 1×3 @80%; 1×3 @85%

Clean Pull
-3×5 @80%

Clean & Jerk
-1×3 @60%; 3+1 @70%; 3+1 @80%; 3+1 @85%


8 min AMRAP:
– 8 Tire Flips
– 8 Ground to over the shoulder w/ slam ball RX- (50/40) Scaled-(40/25)
– 8 OHS RX- (95/65) scaled- (65/45)

WODs for 1/2/2017-1/7/2017



75 Singles unders
25 Air squats
75 Single unders
75 Singles
25 Supermans


5 RFT:
-20 Mountain Climbers
-15 DB Thrusters RX -(55/35), Scaled (30/20)
-10 T2B




1. 1 Round of Cindy (15 air squat, 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups)
2. Walking Alternating quad stretch
3. 10 PVC Pass-Throughs
4. PVC External Rotation Stretch
5. Burgner Warm-up (10 reps each step)
6. Frog Stretch
7. 10 Bridges


Back Squat
-1×10 @ 60%; 3×10 @ 70%

Power Clean+ Push Press (complex)
-1×5 @ 60%; 3×5 @ 70%

Clean Pull from below the knee
-3×5 @ 80%

Bench Press
-1×10 @ 60%; 3×10 @ 70%


“Spice Girls” 12 min. AMRAP
3 Rounds at each movement before rotating.
:40s for Max Reps, :20s Rest
1. Row for Calories
2. Pull ups
3. Push ups
4. KBS RX – (55/35), Scaled – (45/20)




1. 10 Air Squats
2. 15yd Walking alternating quad stretch
3. 15yd Sampson stretch
4. Hollow hold 15sec x2
5. Side Plank 15sec x2
6. Pigeon stretch
7. Child’s pose lat stretch
8. 8 Ring rows
9. Quadruped “Y” stretch
10. 10 Kneeling hip hinges
11. Calf stretch 15sec


Front Squat
-1×5 @50%; 1×5 @70%; 5×5 @80%

Snatch Grip Shrugs
-3×10 @80%

Hang Snatch+Snatch (complex)
-1×2 @60%; 1×2 @70%; 3×2 @75%



8 min Time Cap
– 10 Snatches (95/65)
-35 Sit ups
-8 Snatches
-35 Sit ups
-6 Snatches
-2 Rope Climbs
Max DU/SU in remaining time.



1. 5 Pause Squats w/ groin stretch
2. Foam Roll inner quad muscles
3. Push up plus
4. PVC Pass-throughs
5. External Shoulder rotation stretch
6. 10 PVC Strict Press’s


Back Squat
-1×5 @ 70%; 3×5 @ 80%

Jerk Squats
-1×8 @ 80%; 1×8 @ 85%; 2×8 @ 90%

-1×3 @ 60%; 3×3 @ 70%


-10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls RX (75/55), Scaled (55/35)
-15 Air Squats




1. 10 OHS & Press
2. Foam Roll lats
3. Lat Stretch on rig
4. External Rotation stretch
5. 10 Banded shoulder external rotations
6. Quadruped “I” “Y” and “T”
7. 10 Band Pull-aparts
8. 10 Side Lunges each leg
9. 10 Leg Swings each way


Snatch Pull from knee
-3×5 @80%

-1×3 @60%; 1×3 @70%; 1×3 @80%; 1×3 @85%

Clean Pull
-3×5 @80%

Clean + Jerk
-1×3 @60%; 1×3+1 @70%; 1×3+1 @80%;
-1×3+1 @85%


For Time:
-Power Snatch RX-(95/65) Scaled-(65/45)
-Burpee Box Jumps RX-(24/20’’),​ Scaled-(20/18″)




-5 Burpees
-Max rep Thrusters (135/95)
*Repeat until 100 Thrusters are reached*

Bob Kalsu (1945-1970) was an All-American tackle at
the University of Oklahoma in 1967. He entered the
army to fulfill his ROTC obligation in 1969. He served
as a Second Lieutenant with Battery C, 2nd Battalion,
11th Artillery, 101st Airborne Division in the Vietnam
War. He was killed in action on July 21, 1970 by
mortar fire near the Ashau Valley.


A) 15 EMOM

Min 1-5: 3 power snatches @70%
Min 6-10: 2 power snatches @80%
Min 11-15: 1 power snatch @90%

B) 5 rounds in 15, increasing weight on thrusters each round.

1 min KBS (55/35)
1 min Thrusters (35/45, 55/65, 65/95, 75/115, 95/135)
1 min rest


A) Back Squat

  • 1×10 @50%
  • 4×6 @75%

Superset w/ high box jump 4 x 3 

B) 18 min AMRAP

  • 10 KB Russian twists (55/35)

  • 10 Good morning (45/65)
  • 3 bar MU

Mike Tees

Mike Tees is our new CrossFit Athlete of the Month for January to grace the new year.  Learn more about Mike, the sports fan, downhill skiing addict, financial advisor, and the Hyper CrossFit athlete we are very proud of.  Read on…

Hometown: Burlington, NJ

What do you do to pay your bills? Financial Advisor 

How did you learn about CrossFit and how did you end up in our awesome Box?  I had a few coworkers that were CrossFit athletes.  They would tell me how much they loved working out and going to their box everyday.  My first thought was “Now I cannot understand why these CrossFit guys always workout and that they are a bunch of nuts.  No one can actually ‘love’ working out”….So, I started researching local boxes, because working out at my local gym was becoming extremely BORING. (There were only so many miles I could run on a treadmill and I was not a fan of waiting 20 minutes for a bench to open up.)  What initially drew us to Hyper was that the Box was close to home, the facility looked awesome, and having the open gym was an added bonus.  After a few conversations and negotiations with Yolanda, we were scheduled for our (with my wife, Rachel) Elements Class.

What do you like most about being a FIT member (Hyper CrossFit Athlete)?  The people, both athletes and coaches.  The positive attitude everyone brings to the gym is what keeps us coming back.  The athletes are always helping you to get that extra rep, motivating you through the WODs, and motivating you through that Max Lift.  The coaches are always helping with encouraging words like “Get your head through!” and “Knees out!”. What I like most about Hyper CrossFit is the sense of community, the new friends I’ve made, and knowing that each day I’m going to spend an hour having fun with a group of great people. (That goes for you too, 5:30 AM)

What is your proudest moment/biggest accomplishment since you started?  DOUBLE UNDERS!  After a whole year of getting twisted up in my rope and slapping myself in the shins and back of my neck, I have linked over 100 together.  Figuring out these pesky double unders shaved 15 minutes off my Annie time.

What are you still working on to achieve?  At the top of my “Next Achievements” list are Butterfly Pull-ups, Muscle-ups, and Handstand Walks. My other short term goals include a 175 lb. Snatch, 400 lb. Deadlift, 300 lb. Back Squat, and a 6 minute Fran. I could continue listing items here, but it will begin to look like a child’s Christmas list.

Tell us one random fact about yourself that has nothing to do with CrossFit.  I am a huge fan of outdoor activities like running, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and most of all skiing.  I’ve skied in Colorado, Utah, California, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia and all over New England.  I am a fan of pretty much all sports (except Cricket and that’s because I have no clue what those guys are doing on that field).  My rooting interests are with the Philadelphia sports teams.  Lastly, I play Right Wing on a street hockey team and I’m a novice golfer.

What is your favorite WOD or benchmark?  Helen has to be on the top of the list.  Who doesn’t love running, kettle bell swings, and pull-ups? I am also a huge fan of the longer WODs that last 30+ minutes and involve a wide range of movements, like Zeus.

If you created a WOD and named it after yourself, what would it be?  “Tees Me, Please Me.”  It goes like this:

Buy In/Cash Out: 150 Double Unders
*One V-Up for each broken Double Under to be completed before Bear Crawl.
2 Rounds of:
• 30 yd. Bear Crawl
• 25 Front Squats (95/65)
• 20 Ring Dips
• 15 Ground to Overhead
• 10 Toes to Bar
• 5 Rope Climbs

What advice would you offer to someone interested, but intimidated to try CrossFit?  The first time I walked into Hyper for my first Elements Class and I saw the athletes working through a grueling WOD, I turned to my wife and said “Is this what we signed up for?”  I was definitely intimidated, especially when I struggled with all of the basic movements for the first couple months.  My advice is to “Give it a try, you might learn something about yourself and make a few friends along the way.”

Any additional comments you would like to share?  Thank you coaches for the Athlete of the Month nomination.  Also, thank you to my fellow athletes for motivating and pushing me every day.  Let’s lift some weights!

Competition Events Announced!



Cops vs Crossfit


Event 1: 1 RM Deadlift (6 minutes)

  • 3 chances – 1 minute each
  • up to 2 attempts (per minute) only
  • 1 minute mandatory rest and/or change of weight, if needed, between attempts
  • highest weight recorded will be used
  • Weight and height measurements required prior to start.  Scale will be provided.
  • Event score
    • Highest weight – body weight / height by inches x 10
    • rounded to the nearest whole number

Event 2: 10 minute EMOM

  • 10 Kettle Bell Swings (55/35 lbs)
  • 5 Burpees
  • Event score = total reps (highest score = 150)
  • Scaled
    • 35/20 lbs
    • score = total reps x .75 (rounded to the nearest whole number)

Event 3: Death by

  • Ground-to-Overhead (95/65 lbs)
  • Box Jumps (24/20 inches)
  • Event score = total reps
  • Scaled
    • 65/45 lbs
    • 20/18 inches
    • score
      • each modification = less .25 of multiplier
      • e.g.
        • male 65 lbs =  total reps x .75
        • female 45 lbs, 20 inches = total reps x .5
      • rounded to the nearest whole number

Event 4:  Half Cindy – 10 minute AMRAP

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air Squats
  • Event Score = total reps
  • Scaled
    • Banded – only green and blue allowed
    • Ring rows – under ring position only
    • PU on knees
    • score
      • each modification = less .25 of multiplier
      • e.g.
        • 1 green =   total reps x .75
        • 1 green, 1 blue = total reps x .5
        • ring row, on knees = total reps x .5
      • rounded to the nearest whole number


Hyper CrossFit Thanksgiving Get Together


Attention all Hyper CrossFitters!  WOD, FOOD and DRINKS tonight (November 13, 2015).

Just reminding everyone for the get together tonight at FIT, Friday after the evening class. We encourage you to bring your spouses, relatives, friends of any sort, and kids (If you have them. They can run around ’till they pass out).
For dinner, just share $20/adult (kids eat free). We will order food from Jason at Villa’s (pizza, baked ziti, salad etc.). For drinks, it’s BYOB! We will set up tables and boxes (to sit on) at the gym it self. If you still want to bring and share your favorite food, please feel free.
So let’s all party by joining us tonight and have an early Thanksgiving celebration for all our blessings – our family, friends and good health

Cops -vs- Crossfit: A Fundraising Event

Announcing FIT’s Cops -vs- CrossFit FUNdraising Event!

It’s what Cops and CrossFitters have been talking about for a long time now. On the morning of Saturday, December 12th, FIT invites area Police Officers, Hyper CrossFitters, FIT Members, as well as the whole community to come take on the COPS -vs- CROSSFIT Throwdown Challenge: A FUNdraising Event!

WHO: Police Officers, CrossFitters, FIT Members, their family, friends and neighbors

WHAT: COPS -vs- CrossFit Throwdown Challenge: A FUNdraising Event

WHEN: December 12th, 2015 from 9:00 am to Noon

WHERE: FIT, 11 Cadillac Road, Burlington, NJ

HOW: Just show up and be ready to throw down!

WHY: As a unified gesture to honor and remember fallen Law Enforcement Officers who have died while serving and protecting, 100% of the proceeds raised for this fundraiser will be donated to the families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty. FIT supports the Police Unity Tour, a four day fund-raising bicycle ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC.


Registration is available right here online. During registration you’ll be asked whether you want to compete for TEAM COPS or for TEAM CROSSFIT. Cost to participate in the competition is $25. There are 30 available competitor slots, 15 on each team, so participants are asked to please register ahead of time as it will surely fill up fast! You may also be a spectator at no cost, but please feel free to support the cause by making a donation at any monetary level of your choosing. Doors open at 8:00 am on the day of the competition.

Cops love CrossFit and CrossFit loves Cops. What better way to show that brotherly love than with a healthy dose of friendly physical competition? This FUNdraising event will challenge everything you thought was physically possible and push you above and beyond your limits. The Cops think they can win. The CrossFitters think they can win. Won’t it be oh-so-fun to watch and see who ends up being right?

Related events: Competition events announced!

Savage Race 2015


It’s more than just a race. It’s about setting personal goals and smashing them. It’s about pushing your limits to defeat the world’s best obstacles. It’s about teamwork and friendship. It’s about the amazing people you will meet on the course. It’s about the mud, the fire, and the Facebook pics. It’s about creating the memory of a lifetime.

Savage Race is an intense 5-7 mile obstacle run with 25 world class obstacles, mud, fire, and barbed wire. Completion requires teamwork, courage, and the will to push your limits farther than you ever have before. FIT has created it’s own team to run the Savage Race on Saturday, June 27th 2015, 9:00 am EST at 211 N Meckesville Road in Albrightsville, PA 18210.


  • A BEER


  • May 1 to May 21 – $76
  • May 22 to June 11 – $81
  • June 12 to June 17 – $86
  • June 18 to June 26 – $91

Enter team promo cod HyperCF15 to receive 15% off the registration fee.

Fitness Integrated Therapy to Host Team Red, White & Blue for a Special Memorial Day Weekend Workout

WOD with Warriors

What: Team RWB and Team FIT will perform the “21 Gun” WOD as a replication of the 21 Gun salute, the Nation’s highest display of honor, appropriately reserved for our Fallen troops on Memorial Day.  The 21-minute workout and 21 repetitions signify the 21-gun salute, and the 5 exercises are one for each Branch of the Military.

The “21 Gun WOD” consists of a 21 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of the following CrossFit exercises:

  • 400 meter run (*500 meter row can be substituted for the run)
  • 21 pushups
  • 21 box jumps
  • 15 burpees
  • 9 pull-ups

Dress Code: Any combination of patriotic red, white and blue colors.

When: Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 9:00 am.

Who: This FREE event is open to FIT members and non-members alike.

Where: HyperCrossFIT, FIT’s CrossFit box in Burlington, NJ, will host this special Memorial Day weekend WOD with Team RWB at 11 Cadillac Road, Burlington, NJ 08016

WOD with Warriors is a CrossFit workout specifically designed to honor our nation’s warriors and build communities around our veterans.

All proceeds directly support Team Red, White & Blue, whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

The WOD with Warriors workout is FREE. Click here to register for the WOD. To donate to Team RWB, click here. For more information or to learn more about this event call 609-880-0880.