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What is FIT Sports Performance

FIT Sports Performance is an evidence based training program scientifically proven to maximize performance while working with Orthopedic Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists to treat and prevent orthopedic and sports related injuries.  We aim to educate athletes, parents and coaches in mental and emotional focus, physical training, nutrition and injury prevention.  FIT athletes are evaluated on their physical abilities in order to create personalized periodization training programs that will maximize performance on their chosen sport.

Comprehensive Sports Performance Assessment

All FIT athletes enrolled in our programs (except in Preseason Sports Camps) receive a total structural/ functional screening by our Therapists and Coaches, used to reveal areas of strengths and imbalances that may pose higher risk of injury.  They will also go through a series of physical tests (20 yard dash, pro-agility shuttle test, vertical and broad jump, sit-ups, push-ups, sub-maximal strength among others) to individualize their training experience and determine the most suitable periodization program: (Focused FIT, Precise FIT and Personal 1:1 FIT).  Goals are set by the coach, athlete and parents to ensure achievement of the highest possible level of performance

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Training Session Structure

  • Dynamic Warm-up

    Composed primarily of dynamic stretching and movements that incorporate the whole body and mirror the day’s training objective to prepare the body and mind for the activity and slowly increase the body’s core temperature.

  • Speed/Agility

    Includes running mechanics, linear and multi-directional movement velocities and acceleration, reactive abilities and speed endurance.

  • Power/Plyometric

    Comprised of activities that focus on explosiveness, rate of force development, power endurance and balance.

  • Strength

    Specific training for functional strength, proper mechanics and force production.

  • Cool-down

    Static stretching and core strengthening activities to reduce heart and breathing rates, gradually cool body temperature and return muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships.