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Sports Performance Programs

  • Fun with FITness

    Level 1: Ages 7-11

    • All sports
    • Youth level training designed to create a solid athletic base and overall fitness, placing priority on fundamentals for coordination, balance, flexibility, relative strength and introduction to basic movement patterns while building confidence and having fun for a guaranteed long-term participation in sports.
    • Limited to a maximum of 8 athletes per session.
    • 60 minute sessions
    • All year around
    • See calendar for schedule
  • Focused FIT

    Level 2: Ages 12-14

    • All sports
    • This level is designed for athletes at this age group that begin to develop athletic fundamentals toward basic skill application that focuses on speed, agility, strength and power for performance enhancement while reducing injuries and continue to mature with confidence.
    • Limited to a maximum of 8 athletes per session
    • 60 minute session
    • All year around
    • See calendar for schedule
  • Precise FIT

    Level 3: Ages 15-18 or older

    • All sport
    • Designed for athletes that already have developed more advanced neuromuscular patterns and skills needed for speed, agility, and power. At this stage, techniques are fine-tuned and optimized with focus on individual goals and find areas of improvement to maximize performance
    • After a month of generalized workouts and preparation, a program for your sport will be made that they will follow.
      Limited to a maximum of 8 athletes per session
    • 60 minute session
    • All year round
    • See calendar for schedule
  • Personal 1:1 FIT

    Ages 11 or older

    • All sports
    • The most ideal and best way possible to optimize an athlete’s performance with little minimal distraction.  All features of regular Sports Performance programs above according to appropriate age/level plus individual workout programs crafted around the athlete’s period in competition (preseason, in season, post or off season).
    • Focal point on 1-2 athletes per session in a more individualized setting.60 minute sessions.
    • All year around
    • By appointment
  • Preseason Sports Camps

    Ages 7-18

    • 6 week sports specific strength and conditioning training program designed to enhance performance of athletes and gain the extra edge before entering their specific sport season.
    • Sports available are: (Spring) Baseball and Softball, (Fall) Football and Soccer, (Winter) Basketball and Hockey.
    • Limited to a maximum of 10 athletes per session.
    • 60 minute sessions
    • Seasonal: See calendar for schedule
  • Team Training

    Ages 7-18

    • Designed to help coaches maximize their team’s speed, agility, mechanics, strength, power and endurance while minimizing injury and building team unity.
    • Specialist will evaluate athletes and report back to the coach with team’s common strengths and imbalances.
    • Each team program is created according to the team’s specific sport and needs.
    • 60 minute sessions
    • See calendar for schedule
  • Concussion Management Training and Certification

    Concussion awareness and prevention is an important issue in youth sports today as it affects the health and well-being of children participating in all sports, and at all levels.  This is a free educational training course open to all youth coaches and parents of kids in sports sponsored by FIT.  This program is designed to provide valuable information on concussions and add knowledge regarding concussion safety.

    This course will help you:

    • Understand a concussion and the potential consequences of this injury,
    • Recognize concussion signs and symptoms and how to respond,
    • Learn about steps for returning to activity (play and school) after a concussion, and
    • Focus on prevention and preparedness to help keep athletes safe season-to-season.

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